Uranus in Aries: When Going Rogue Will Be In Vogue

On March 11th of 2011, Uranus moved into Aries. The independent and somewhat eccentric energy of Uranus is well-suited to the equally individualistic feel of Aries, and the next seven years should be quite exciting - for both good and ill.

Certainly, these two energies will potentiate each other. The first keyword for the next seven years is
selfishness, so we need to make a distinction between plain old selfishness and creative selfishness, because we are going to be seeing a lot of both.

On our less-evolved days, and in our less-evolved areas of life, we are going to be plain old selfish, and we all know what that means. We’ll be looking out for Number One, making sure I get mine, and the hell with everyone else. Uranus in Aries will feed the impatience that makes selfishness seem acceptable.

When and where we are a bit more evolved, we can begin to engage in what I call creative selfishness. Creative selfishness recognizes others and doesn’t seek to trample on their feelings, but also recognizes that we cannot live our lives for others. If we are each going to fulfill our own destiny, walk our own path, then we have to have the courage and, yes, the selfishness to do so. At some point, we realize that we cannot be the best for others - our partners, our families, our coworkers - unless we are first being true to ourselves.

Nowhere is this more likely to show up in your personal life than in the area of relationship, particularly as Saturn is in Libra (
click here for an article on that). But it is also becoming very apparent in the area of career, where people are beginning to realize that what they do day after day matters. Although many people are looking for work - any work - many more are trying to create meaningful careers for themselves.

Uranus in Aries may be all about independence, but many of us find that groups are the best way to express this. We’ll be seeing the emergence of many groups that challenge the status quo. The Tea Party in the U.S. is one such group, and it may serve as a prototype of groups to come. More recently, Wikileaks, Anonymous, and Occupy Wall Street have emerged on the other end of the political spectrum.

Ultimately, these groups will fall all over the political landscape. Actually, they will fall just
outside the currently accepted borders. In doing so, they will stretch the political spectrum in both directions. Occupy Wall Street or the Tea Party: take your pick. Depending on your perspective, one looks like a liberating force, the other a fringe or even terrorist group.

These rogue groups will be concentrations of rogue individuals, and that brings us to the second keyword for Uranus in Aries:
Pirate. Sailing on the high seas of the internet or hunkering in their bunkers against a coming doom, going rogue will be in vogue.

The energies of the planets reverberate within our personal and collective lives. How we use this energy is up to us... At best, Uranus in Aries offers us an extraordinary opportunity to break away from artificial limitations, to become more of our true selves.