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Weekly Forecast for the Week of December 12, 2016

Mercury is stationing to retrograde on the 19th, so be aware that electronics, communication, and technology issues may come up all week, especially at the full moon and on the weekend of the 17th and 18th.

The highlight of this week is the full moon on Tuesday. That makes Monday and Tuesday very active days, but also a time when some folks will get swept up in a bit of 'lunacy'. It isn't the best time to make decisions, although it can be hard to avoid acting (and reacting).

Use the beginning of the week to promote projects already underway and share information. With the moon in Gemini, these days are great for socializing, although thanks to Saturn we may feel like we're skipping out on work when we're playing. At work or socializing, avoid burning out your energy.

The mood shifts at midweek, as the moon enters Cancer and a more protective, security-oriented vibe prevails. We may be more emotional and less inclined to open up about things, and financial concerns could be prominent. Fears may be exaggerated, and there could be a tendency to 'circle the wagons'. Wednesday's vibe is more constructive, while tensions build on Thursday, so lay low if you want to avoid conflict.

The work week ends with another shift, as the Leo moon inspires us to act from the heart. It may be easier to make decisions at work, and Friday might be a more rational and better environment to use diplomacy. We'll be less protective, which can help on many levels.

Friday night should be good for socializing, although Saturday may hold even more potential. You may feel like working on some project earlier in the day, and then really enjoying the evening. While group activities could go very well, feel free to do your own thing, as the Leo moon gets a jolt from independent Uranus. Creative projects get a big boost this weekend.

Sunday could find us thinking about the work week ahead, as the moon enters Virgo. Take care of preparation and chores that need to be done. With Mercury just about stopped in the sky, technical and communication snafus may multiply.

Times for the Signs

Peak Days this week for...

Everyone - Full moon on Tuesday. Lots of action & reaction.

Libra - Monday

Aries - Tuesday

Capricorn & Sagittarius - Saturday

Peak Days hold extra potential to make the most of your efforts.

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