Astrological Coaching

One-time meetings have their place, but you've probably been to astrologers, psychics, or other helping professionals and come away with too much information and no real plan for putting it into action. How can you maintain your focus and really make the valuable insights you get work for you in your life?

This service involves an ongoing partnership to discover the best way to manifest the chart in any or all areas of life. We can work on one area, such as relationship or career, or we can address a particular issue, such as a problematic relationship or a difficult career transition. Whether we have weekly or monthly meetings, astrological coaching is a great way to develop a working relationship with your chart’s (and your life’s) potentials.

Astrological coaching is a lot like any type of coaching. In sports, for example, an athlete might work with a coach before a game, then review the game afterward, then have another practice session before the following game. Astrological coaching uses feedback from your experiences deepening the understanding, and the deeper understanding creates better experiences.

Astrological coaching has been successful in many areas of life. As just a few examples, it has been helpful to people who needed to:
- get control of a tumultuous romantic relationship
- work with the responsibilities for aging parents
- resolve ongoing conflicts with a coworker
- make a decision about career path and graduate school

Astrological coaching is available for $60/hour, purchased in sets of three meetings.

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