Monthly Forecast for December 2017

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The last month of 2017 begins with a bang as Mars opposes Uranus on the
1st. This is another active and impatient aspect, one that makes it hard to sit still. It’s a great time to go forward with plans you’re sure about, but it could be a problem if you have a lot of free floating energy and feel the need to do something – we could be too impulsive around this time. Burn off extra energy with some sensible exercise.

On the other side of the spectrum, Jupiter trines Neptune on the
2nd, an aspect that helps to put things into soft focus. We’re ready to deal with heavy issues (Jupiter is in Scorpio, after all), but can approach them with relative optimism.

That optimism may be somewhat overblown, as the Sun squares Neptune at the full moon on the
3rd. This full moon is likely to be the very embodiment of full moon lunacy. Things are brought to light and we see what’s going on – or we think we do. Neptune is like a lens that can distort proportions and affect our evaluation of things. Given that we’ve been under Neptunian uncertainty since mid-November, we may have compounded and confounded our illusions. Take in what’s happening, but try to avoid being too reactive.

Adding to the confusion, Mercury stations to go retrograde on the same day. The Cosmic Messenger will be backpedaling in Sagittarius until December 22nd - so double check your holiday travel plans.
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As Neptune’s influence begins to abate, Venus makes a square to the god of the seas on the
10th. The illusions and dreams of the past few weeks come to prominence, and we can either throw light on them or sink into deeper confusion. It may be very hard to know what’s going on in relationships around this time.

The Winter Solstice is on December
21st at 5:08 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. We’ve reached the darkest point in the year in the Northern Hemisphere, as the Sun slides across the Southern horizon. We’re also just a bit past the new moon on the 18th, so neither the day nor night will be especially bright. It’s a good time to set intentions for the coming year, but also to recap and review the past year. The next few months, until the Aries ingress in March, will be a time to restore and renew for the coming solar cycle that begins at the Aries equinox in March – an incubation period.

The Sun isn’t the only one making his way into Capricorn. Saturn returns to his home sign a day before, on the
20th. Saturn was last in Capricorn from 1988 to 1991, and we can expect to see some resonance with the changes in government and institutions that occurred around that time. Most notably, probably, will be Saturn doing some cleanup work on the changes Pluto has made since 2008. Saturn tends to bring laws and formal structures to areas that have been upheaved by the outer planets, although with Pluto still in the sign it could take a while before we really know how the changes will manifest.

As the year ends, Venus meets Saturn on December
25th. It could be time to commit to going forward in relationships, or time to say goodbye. There will be some engagements announced at the holidays, but some of us may be in less sanguine spirits with this aspect. As we approach a full moon and Uranus station in the first two days of January, New Year's Eve is likely to be very active and exciting.

Wishing you the best in the New Year!

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