Monthly Forecast for April 2018

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It may be that the most prominent astrological event of April is the one that doesn’t happen. Uranus will enter Taurus on May 15th, his first time in the sign since his stay from 1934 to early 1941 – and astrologers are excited (and a bit concerned) about how his travels in the sign of the bull will manifest this time around. But that’s for next month's forecast.

In April, we’ll be watching what happens as Uranus moves through the final degrees of Aries. It’s at both the beginning and end of a sign that planets tend to express the energy of the time most dramatically, and Uranus in Aries is quite dramatic.

Independent, revolutionary, innovative Uranus is very comfortable in upstart Aries, a sign that shares Uranus’ capacity for going its own way – the ram happily treads into new territory. The time of Uranus in Aries has seen a great deal of innovation and rapid change, some of it welcome, some of it not. When Uranus entered the sign in 2011, I said that ‘going rogue will be in vogue’, a corny little pneumonic that’s worked well for the past seven years.

Indeed, we’ve seen both individuals and groups move towards the outside of the social and political spectrums. From the many ‘leaks’ that have exposed the operations of governments and corporations, to cyber terrorists hacking major systems, to outsider groups like Occupy and the Tea Party, to terrorist organizations like ISIS, to the wave of mass shooting that plague the U.S., and even to the strong outsider energy of the 2016 presidential election (where all the major candidates, Trump, Clinton, and Sanders, were outsiders in some way), we’ve seen that going to extremes has become the norm.

We’re most likely to see the extreme side of Uranus in Aries when he passes the degree of his August 2017 retrograde station – from April 18th onward to May 15th. But we’ll be feeling his presence at the end of Aries all month. Everything else that happens this month has to be considered with respect to this powerful, disruptive, rebellious, energy. There are great opportunities for its constructive use in all areas of life, but there is also potential for some folks to simply go off the rails. Brilliant insights and mad ideas vie for our personal and collective attention. Keep cool, and remain aware.

At the same time, Chiron moves through the end of Pisces for the first half of the month, asking us yet again to release our pain so that we can move forward. At mid-month, Chiron joins the planets in Aries. Use the first half of the month to ground yourself and make decisions - the second half of April will require quick thinking and action.

Mars meets Saturn on April
2nd, an energy that potentially slows down some of the full moon/Uranus energy we’ve been feeling. However, with Mars and Saturn both in Capricorn (where they get along well), it’s likely that we’ll be inclined to focus that energy towards a goal. For those who are in the midst of significant changes in work, relationship, or any area of life, this aspect can be quite invigorating.

A Sun/Pluto square on the
10th questions, who really has the power? In our personal lives as well as the collective, we may wonder who has the reigns of control. The Sun in Aries is very strong, but Pluto in Capricorn can put up quite a fight. The issue may not be who has the power, so much as how are they using it?

The second half of April is so full of charged aspects that it is difficult to separate their overlapping energies in a meaningful way. It’s likely to be a very charged time, as Uranus moves into the later degrees of Aries while the other planets do their dance. Expect the unexpected, and be ready to adapt to changing circumstances.

An energetic Venus/Jupiter opposition on April
17th would usually have us out partying, but coming just two days after the new moon, and with Saturn stationing to retrograde on the same day, we may not be feeling up to the festivities. On the other hand, with the new moon in Aries, we could be ready to get a quick start on the astrological New Year, and this aspect will help kick-start us.

The Sun meets Uranus just a day later, on the
18th, another indication that we may be shaking off the dust of the Saturn station quickly. This is a powerful aspect, all the more so because it is at the end of Uranus’ stay in Aries. If Sun/Uranus and Saturn’s station signified constraint, this aspect is the release from constraints and many people will have a hard time with personal restraint.

Pluto's station to retrograde on the
22nd has a tense, implosive kind of energy that will add in overt and hidden power struggles to the mix.

With Mars meeting Pluto on the
26th and the full moon in Scorpio on the 29th, we see continue to see alternation between struggle and release as the month ends. It’s going to be challenging to remain mindful and act consciously, as personal and collective tensions that have been building for a long time reach the breaking point. Keep in mind that while this could spell disaster in some quarters, the overall theme of tension and release and breaking free from constraints could be very positive and liberating – it may not be all in your perspective, but your perspective matters.

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