Monthly Forecast for January 2018

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Happy New Year!

We begin 2018 with a very high level of cosmic energy that is sure to shake, rattle, and roll us down here on Earth.

The first half of January is extremely energized, and it’s likely that we’ll be uncertain about what’s happening and what it means to us. That’s true on both the personal and collective levels. One hint is that much of what’s going on in early January has its roots in late November and early December of 2017. What’s been in a holding pattern through December finds release – quickly and decisively – in the first half of January. As the month progresses things won’t get much quieter, as we experience aftershocks as we head towards February’s eclipses.

The New Year begins with a pop that may not come from champagne corks alone. A full moon on January
1st will illuminate celebrations – although in the protective sign of Cancer this won’t be the most expansive and playful side of Luna. The need for security could be strong around this time, although with Uranus stationing to go direct on the 2nd, there’s likely to be a powerful drive for independence and innovation, too. Contrasting energies often grate on us, but they also provide motivation to make changes.

The excitement continues through the first week of 2018, as Mars meets Jupiter in Scorpio on the
6th, while Mercury makes a trine to Uranus. Mars/Jupiter could stoke up security needs, and financial matters could be very much on our minds. Mercury/Uranus tends to speed up communication and offer brilliant insights – in this case perhaps re-working ideas that were originally floated in late November or early December. Expect that whatever comes up now may have to wait about a week, until the 13th or so, to reach its final form.

There’s no stopping the high-voltage meeting of the Sun, Venus, and Pluto on January
9th. This could signal major turning points in relationships: powerful beginnings and endings. For some of us, it will be time to make decisions, although many of us may feel that we are being led along by forces that have a feeling of inevitability. We might be drawn to a happy outcome or feel that we are losing something very important to us, but either way it will take a while to really understand the long range importance of this time. Financial matters may also be prominent.

13th and 14th have a stop-and-go type of vibe. Cosmic Messenger Mercury enters Capricorn and meets up with Saturn. There could be deadlines around this time, and do your best to meet them. This is another time when issues that have been up in the air for a month or more are likely to resolve. Look to things that were going on during or just before Mercury's recent retrograde. Possibilities settle down to realities, and there’s a serious tone to things. At the same time, Venus and the Sun elbow Uranus, an impatient and potentially irritable energy that could be the release point for tensions that have been building for the past week.

With the new moon just a few days away, on the
16th, this may appear to be more a time of endings than beginnings, although it is also a period when we are seeding potentials for the future.

Venus enters Aquarius on the
17th. Our socializing will take on a more open, less formal character. Groups, especially those with a common purpose or focus, may be favored over individual meetings, although we’ll be open to new people and new ideas about socializing.

Mercury is very busy in the last week of the month, meeting with Pluto on the
24th and going on to square Uranus on the 28th. Communication is likely to heavy and somewhat tense. A serious talk could lead to significant consequences – and the real message may not be the one that is explicitly stated. Mercury often triggers latent energies that are seeded at earlier times, so we may see a few surprises, as well.

As the month ends, a lunar eclipse on the
31st is another trigger, as we see the results of past actions manifesting. Interestingly, considering recent world events, the eclipse has the greatest visibility (and perhaps effect) in the North Pacific Ocean. The Leo Full Moon is usually the Party Moon of the year, but we'll have to see how it plays out this time around, as it gets covered by the Earth's shadow.

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