Monthly Forecast for February 2018

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The first week of February features a Venus/Jupiter square and Venus/Uranus trine that could reflect the tone for relationship over the past few weeks. There’s a greater drive for freedom and space in our relationships, and with Venus in Aquarius from January 17th to February 10th we’re likely to be ready for this open – but not frivolous – vibe. Socializing in groups and cultivating friendships may take precedence over romance, although there is a sexual vibe, too. As Venus enters Pisces, we begin to think in even larger terms, moving from the social sphere towards the spiritual.

Egos could get out of hand around the
10th, as the Sun squares Jupiter. These two planets can sometimes egg each other on and bring large personalities to the point of excess. However, with Jupiter in Scorpio and the Sun in Aquarius, there will be a different flavor to this aspect. Rather than simply overblown egos, we may see a trend towards righteousness – “It’s not what I want, it’s the right thing to do.”

The solar eclipse on
February 15th stands opposite the August 2017 eclipse, and in a sense echoes it. Recall that there were three hurricanes – including one in Houston that was on the eclipse line of longitude – and two earthquakes right after the eclipse. North Korea became a very hot issue at that time, along with a number of other social and political issues. This eclipse in a sense asks us for our response to the themes that have been laid before us.

This eclipse is also very close to Valentine’s Day, a holiday when we tend to focus on relationships. With Venus sextile to Saturn on the
15th, we’ll be inclined to think of how and where we are building our partnerships – are we on solid ground, or are our heads in the clouds? Perhaps we can have a bit of both with Saturn in Capricorn and Venus in Pisces.

It’s not all about our thoughts and feelings, though, as Mars squares Neptune on the
17th – an aspect that tends to push us towards action, sometimes going overboard and pushing things to far. Paradoxically, this aspect can also dissipate our energy. With Mars in Sagittarius, we’re likely to see polarizing political and social rhetoric.

When Venus meets Neptune on the
21st, we’re likely to apply that same overboard attitude towards relationships. In contrast to the more realistic orientation of her sextile to Saturn a week earlier, Venus is now inclined to see too much or too little in a person or relationship. It can be a grand romantic moment, but be aware that we may be seeing things out of proportion. A Venus/Mars square on the 25th could challenge us to integrate sexual desire and feeling.

It could be hard to know what’s going on, as Mercury and Neptune also meet on the
25th. This aspect can soften the boundaries of communication, which can help with relationship matters. But at the same time, we could say more than we intend, or be misunderstood. Outright deception is possible, but most of us are likely to simply let enthusiasm take precedence over facts. Hold off on practical decisions.

As February ends, Venus, Mercury, and Mars are all connecting with each other, with Pluto hanging around in the background. We’re approaching the full moon in Virgo on
March 1st, and it’s time to see the results of the actions we’ve taken over the past few weeks. Venus is in an easy aspect to her friend Jupiter at this time, fostering an optimistic view of both relationships and finances. With Jupiter deep into Scorpio, we’re not likely to be fooling ourselves if we feel good about things, and will probably have the confidence we need to make changes in our lives.

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