Monthly Forecast for November 2017

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Look for significant news from prominent and powerful women when the month begins, as Jupiter in Scorpio opposes Pallas Athene on the
1st. Pallas is the goddess of wisdom, but she holds a sword, not a quill. She tends to cut through falsehoods and half-truths, and all the more so with Jupiter in probing Scorpio. With Mercury and Saturn aspecting Chiron around the same time, we could have old wounds opened, but might make progress in healing them. It’s a bit like when doctors need to re-break a limb because it has set wrongly.

Venus, planet of love and relationship, is quite busy in the first week in November, so we may find that we are focusing on partnership issues. She makes an easy sextile to Saturn on the
3rd, suggesting harmony, but just a day later she opposes Uranus at the full moon. What works for me, you, and us may be on different pages. Relationships in good shape should be fine, but those under stress could show some cracks. The full moon brings a bit of extra energy, and it would be a good time to break out of routine patterns and try something (or someone) new in relationships.

On the
11th, stoic Saturn and revolutionary Uranus come to terms as they form an easy trine from Sagittarius to Aries. This aspect is most likely to play out at the collective level, where we’ll see strange bedfellows as opposing sides find some common ground. Issues that were prominent in December of 2016 could re-emerge, and for those with long memories, we may see a resonance with 1988, 1999, and 2009.

Mercury squares Neptune on the
13th, an aspect that could lead to benign exaggeration, if not outright deception. We may also say more than we intend, or intend something other than what we say. This is the kickoff of a very Neptunian month, when things may not be as clear as we would like. It’s a great time for creativity and imagination, but getting things to settle down to the level of practical (Saturnian) reality could be a challenge.

Venus is again active at midmonth, as she meets with Jupiter and then trines Neptune from the
13th to the 16th, then goes on to make an easy sextile to Pluto on the 21st. There’s an optimism around relationship at this time, a faith that the future will be better (with someone), and a willingness to work towards a more harmonious and deeper connection with others. However, we'll also be willing to dig deeper to bring out things that have been neglected or hidden in our emotional closets.

The new moon on the
18th precedes a Mars/Pluto square a day later. At the new moon in Scorpio, we’re likely to feel the energy as rather implosive, but may find opportunities to externalize it as well. Patience is likely to be in short supply, and reactivity could be quite high.

Neptune stations to go direct on November
22nd. For a few days before and after the station, it would be best to put things on autopilot (just make sure it’s working!) and tune out for a couple of days. This isn’t a very realistic time, so don’t make practical decisions. There’s a lot of opportunity for creativity and enjoyment, but try not to take it too seriously. Let serendipity guide you, rather than making firm plans.

As the month ends, Mercury meets Saturn on the
28th. It could be time for a serious discussion, at home or at work. A few folks will called on the carpet around this time, but it’s also an opportunity to say what you really mean, even if others aren’t crazy about hearing it.

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