Monthly Forecast for May 2018

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One of the most significant astrological events of the year takes place on
May 15th at 11:16a EDT, as Uranus moves from Aries into Taurus, leaving the sign of the ram after seven very active years. Uranus is associated with eccentricity, individuality, and revolution, and in the earthy sign of Taurus we are likely to see changes in our monetary systems, resource allocations, and food supply.

Uranus moves from a Fire sign to an Earth sign, a transition that signals a move from the realm of inspiration and action to the realm of material manifestation. This move echoes Saturn’s move from fiery Sagittarius to earthy Capricorn last year. In both cases, what sounded good (or bad) and the things that got us riled up are put to the test: what really works?

Uranus’ entrance to the sign of the bull is heralded by a new moon in the sign just hours before he arrives. For a brief time, eight of the ten major planets will be in Earth signs, a signal that we’ll be dealing the physical world during Uranus’ time in Taurus.

Keep your ears open around
May 7th until the 13th, as Mercury squares Pluto and Mars before meeting with Uranus at the very end Aries. The impulsive, and potentially irritable, energy will be quite strong – great for expressing well-thought-out ideas, but there could also be a tendency to blurt out the first thought that pops into your head. We’ll all want to speak our truths at the same time, a recipe for cacophony more than symphony, but you can learn a lot if you listen carefully.

Goddess of Love Venus squares Neptune on the
7th, too, as the Sun comes into alignment with Jupiter and Pluto. Relationships can be put into soft focus and we can take off on a fantasy trip, but there may be more serious issues bubbling beneath the surface as egos are inflated. It's not a good day for appraisals, making investment decisions, or assessing the value of things.

Uranus’ ingress into Taurus on the
15th, accompanied by the new moon and a square from Mars. While the energy in the collective is sure to be significant, in our personal lives we may begin to feel some rumblings in the foundations of our lives. How do your ideas about things match up with the current reality (and just what is your current reality?). Mars will be retrograding over this point until September – like any major change, the transitions we are pushed to make will unfold in steps.

A sense of freedom colors the air around the
19th, as Venus makes an easy aspect to Uranus. Yet just a day later a square to Chiron may stir up old relationship wounds. As has been the case for most of this year, we find ourselves taking steps forward and back as we try to find our path.

The first quarter moon on
May 21st deserves some extra attention, as it is in the same Moon Family with last August’s solar eclipse. Changes that were seeded at that time begin to come to manifestation now, in both our personal and collective lives.

As we build towards the upbeat Sagittarius full moon on the
29th, we stumble across a serious opposition of Venus and Saturn on the conservative Cancer/Capricorn axis on the 26th. This is very likely to feel like a make-or-break time in relationships, as we contemplate going deeper and getting to the next level, or realizing that our needs aren’t being met. Watch for emotional reactivity to interfere with decision-making, although there is also good potential to express yourself clearly.

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