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These webinar recordings are available as downloads in MP4 format (a common format for all computers, but you may want to check yours for compatibility).
Master Classes are at a level appropriate for professionals and intermediate to advanced students. Beginner's Classes are appropriate for beginning and intermediate students.

Astrology Master Class: Asteroids

The four goddess asteroids (including Ceres, now a planetoid) and Chiron are powerful symbols in any chart. The goddesses show the approach to the feminine archetypes and models, which are in a process of dynamic change in our culture. Chiron shows where we have a wound that we tend to keep open, but can learn to help others through our pain.

And there are more asteroids - about 14,000 named asteroids! Learn how to work with these, where to get information on their positions, and how to incorporate them into your work. $10

Astrology Master Class: Astrology and Tarot

The relationship between these two forms of gathering intuitive information is both fascinating and complex. Learn how to use Tarot and astrology together to deepen your intuitive understanding for yourself and clients. $10.

Astrology Master Class: Venus and Mars in the Chart

These two relationship planets do indeed speak different languages, and an astrologer needs to speak both! Venus shows how we relate, what we expect from a partner, and our image of relationship. Mars shows tells us about sexual energy, how we fight, and how we defend ourselves. Both are needed to keep a relationship in balance. $10

Beginner's Class: Houses of the Horoscope

The houses of the horoscope show where things happen in our lives. Learn what each house signifies, and how to understand its opportunities and challenges. Plus, you'll learn about those 'empty' houses! $5

Webinar: Living Your Sun

Astrology gets complicated, but there's no better way to start than to learn about your Sun. In this webinar, you'll learn the basics of understanding your Sun by sign and house. Plus, we'll start to cover how to get along with the other signs! No prior knowledge of astrology is needed! $5.

Webinar: The Astrology of The Beatles


Take a magical mystery tour of the astrology of The Beatles! See which planets had the most influence on the group, and how their albums synchronized with the astrology of the 1960s. We'll also take a look into the relationships within the group, and with their partners. No prior knowledge of astrology is needed! $5.