You know, I’m a Leo.

And I like to have a positive spin on all things Leonine. Each month when the moon passes through the sign of the lion, I get ready for 60 hours of creativity, fun, and a bit of royal treatment.

That’s the way I approached the past few days...

Since last October, however, Mars has been hanging out in Leo, a very long time, because he was doing his retrograde in the sign. Now, astrologers will tell you that Mars has an affinity with Leo, and Mars and the sun get along very well. So maybe the retrograde wasn’t so tough.

But this week has been. From the crackdown on protests in Thailand, to California fires beginning to burn again (sparked by a lawnmower, on top of all!), it has been the negative side of fire for the past few days.

Tensions were really soaring at the first quarter moon yesterday, as the sun (in very late Taurus) was squared by the moon, who also met up with Mars. So it certainly wasn’t a fun, creative time in the collective, and the personal stories I heard indicated that things were pretty tough on a personal level.

So I suppose I have to be thankful that the moon has made it to Virgo...

Such a thing for a Leo to have to say!