a rough week

The cardinal T-square made yet another stop-off in the Middle East this week, this time visiting Israel. In the midst of the Arab Spring revolutions, Israel has been something of a pillar of stability. Foreign relations sunk to new low, though, as both Turkey and Egypt - the two countries in the region historically most supportive of Israel - expressed concerns over Israel's military actions.

Things are not going well with Turkey and Egypt, but it was the domestic situation in Israel that was perhaps most significant.
Hundreds of thousands of people have held an extended protest throughout the country over the past week. The protesters are largely from the middle class, and they are concerned with both the high cost of living and the uneven distribution of wealth in Israeli society.

Israel has only one planet currently activated by the cardinal T-square, its Venus at 5 degrees Cancer. Venus rules the Israeli fourth house of home, and so is quite important in the chart. It is being transited by both Uranus and Pluto, although neither is exact at this point in time. Saturn was on Israel's Neptune in July, and has been transiting the 8th house since the Spring of 2010, when the blockade of the Turkish flotilla took place.

Coming on the heels of the London riots in August, it is hard not to see the signs of rising discontent with the status quo. In the United States, we have thus far remained republican in our protests, endorsing the Tea Party as our protest mechanism rather than taking to the streets. General strikes, a European staple, are unknown in the U.S., but as the protests in San Francisco showed last month, mass action is a possibility. With Pluto in Capricorn, the push-back can also be forceful.

The point, though, is that if we really want to see the deep changes of the T-square at work, we can't focus too much on any one side of any one issue. To oversimplify is to miss the deeper process. Many people relate the T-square's energy to the past configurations in the 1960s - but is there any one person, movement, or action that could personify that entire era?

Instead, we have to recognize that each action is in a sense "turning the wheel" of change, and the direction we are actually headed is both open and unknown.