On Sunday and Monday, Venus and the sun will take turns making oppositions to Neptune. The book on these aspects suggests getting taken for a ride by a con man of one type or the other... seeing too much in a potential lover, or following an ideal that comes crashing down. With Mercury and Neptune both retrograde, it certainly is the case that we could act on misinformation. But...

Neptune-in-Aquarius issues like health care and immigration can get a fresh look under these oppositions. We'll be revisiting these issues over the coming months, until Neptune returns to Pisces next year. What these oppositions do is to give a personal face to public issues.

For example, there are two stories in the news about immigration. President Obama's recent decision about deportation procedures includes the possibility of gay marriages being considered ground for an undocumented immigrant staying in the U.S., and
a San Francisco couple is using this to appeal deportation.

Perhaps even more powerfully,
the man who rescued a kidnapped six year old girl in New Mexico has revealed that he is an undocumented immigrant.

These two news stories put personal faces of love (Venus) and heroism (the sun) on the immigration issue, throwing Leonine light on the Aquarian debate. A higher manifestation of the aspects over the next two days could be greater compassion. Venus in opposition to Neptune - sharing the love, transcending the boundaries.