no show

Yesterday's cosmic energy was full of mixed messages.

The void moon in Capricorn suggested applying oneself to routine tasks. Working is always a good idea when the moon is in the sign of the mountain goat, and while a void isn't a great time to initiate, you can often sail easily through daily matters.

On the other hand, the moon's last aspect before going void on Wednesday night was tense square to Saturn, and during the day it made edgy quincunx's (150 degree aspects) to the sun and Mercury. The explosive Mars-Pluto opposition also happened during the void, early Thursday morning.

What all that means is that there was a great deal of internal combustion cooking during a time when sailing on autopilot might have been the preferred option.

It seems that managing to hold back and not saying anything might have been the best strategy. Texas Governor Rick Perry didn't make it to the Republican debate Thursday night, and
his absence may have put him in the pole position for the 2012 Republican nomination. I didn't watch the debate, but reports are that things were not exactly inspiring.

Today, the moon is in sociable Aquarius. There are a couple of challenging aspects, including a square to Jupiter that is exact at 6:20 p.m. EDT. After that, the moon heads towards a trine to Saturn. The evening's energy should be outgoing and optimistic.

Having a direction or purpose to guide our meetings is a good idea, and we might find that idle discussion wends its way around to politics or ideals. The Jupiterian energy might push us towards a bit of excess, but the evening really calls for good manners.