Take Node...

The Libra moon heads towards a meeting with Warrior Mars today. Communication and action is likely to be more direct and encounter less resistance than in the past few days. This energy is the perfect opening ceremony for the movement of the nodes of the moon into Libra/Aries.

The nodes of the moon (the points where the orbits of sun and moon cross) will be on the Libra/Aries axis for about the next 18 months. The nodes determine where eclipses occur in the zodiac, and subtly color our collective experience. The position of the nodes suggests a balance (or tension) with the planetary energy of the Grand Cross.

The south node is in Aries, pulling us towards more independent but also more selfish perspectives. The south node in Aries is likely to bring out more of the darker side of Uranus, who is also in this sign. At extremes, there may be more of individuals and groups going rogue and off the rails. As tension and pressure builds on us all, the tendency to explode is a predictable result, and a strong sense of selfishness (as opposed to a strong sense of self) may yield very poor results.

The north node pulls us towards Libra. At the core, this is about balancing the extremes, letting off the pressure slowly and with fairness. With Mars also in Libra for the first half of 2014, we may see more overt 'fighting for fairness' in our personal and collective lives. On a personal level, this could be about developing what I call creative selfishness, or the recognition that we can only do for others if we have first taken care of our own needs. Collectively, it will manifest as a more direct push for social and economic justice. The recent debates about minimum wages in the U.S. are a clear example of this.

The nodes have left Scorpio/Taurus, where they encouraged tighter clinging to material possessions and the status quo. While questions about who or what has power and how legitimate it is were an important part of this time (government spying became an issue, for example), the south node in Taurus put the emphasis on personal and collective economics. Holding on to mine was prominent for both individuals and businesses, and although there was criticism of how wealth and income are distributed, the default setting was to hold on to every dollar, euro, or pound.

Today's cosmic energy - and in a sense the ongoing Libra emphasis - suggests riding a bicycle. You go forward only to the extent you can maintain your balance, and the faster you move, the more challenging that is. Yet fast motion is indicated if you need to get to (or away from) someplace in a hurry. Pluto and Uranus are shifting the ground beneath us, and pedaling fast seems a good idea.

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