The energy of the past weekend will extend into Monday, as the Sun-Uranus opposition is echoed by Mercury opposing Uranus. This configuration sets off the cardinal square in the sky between Uranus and Pluto, making it a very high-energy time.

The news is full of stories that reflect this energy. President Obama's newly-found tough guy stance had him saying that the Republicans would "cripple" America.
The NYPD was caught on camera macing some rather nonthreatening protestors (ah, but I guess they are threatening). Palestinian President Abbas has called for a Palestinian Spring (them's fightin' words).

But then again, the news isn't all bad.
Boeing has finally delivered its first 787 Dreamliner. This new plane is made from a carbon fibre that is much lighter than metal, and reduces fuel consumption by 20%. For an eco-conscious globe on the move, that's pretty good news. Of course, the cost overrun and delay in getting the plane delivered has had serious consequences for the economic health of Boeing - an ironic outcome, if you think about it. And hey, the King of Saudi Arabia has given women the right to vote in municipal elections (probably the only ones that matter if the king is making such decisions).

In our personal lives, too, the energy is likely to feel quite unsettled. We are heading towards a new moon in tight aspect to Pluto (Mercury is still in the mix, too) and eventually Saturn. At least through Wednesday, the tension will be running high, and power struggles are likely at every level.

Don't let anyone tell you that the Libra feel of this time will smooth it all out - Libra may try to put a nice face on things, but the underlying movement is titanic.

Since we're all likely to act with determination, it is at least a good idea to make sure the cause we are fighting for is a worthy one.