Sagging hopes?

As the sun moves into Sag each year, my Leo heart breathes a sigh of relief. There's something about Virgo-Libra-Scorpio (the time of year, NOT the people!) that is difficult for me.

It may not be a Leo thing: Thanksgiving (and Christmas before the calendar change) is a Sag holiday. The external darkness of this time of year somehow calls us to make our own light: Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanza are all about light. It is odd that the time before the solstice, when the light is reaching its minimum, that turns to corner for so many of us.

Usually, there's a bit of light in the mood when the sun hits Sag. We've waded out of the dark Scorpionic waters, and are floating above the ground, taking the long view. There seems to be so much
potential in Sagittarius, like the arrow that is about to be let loose from the archer's bow.

As I've been saying (but I'll say it again), since the eclipses last June and July, the tension of the cardinal t-square has been growing. Things really came to light when the sun was in Libra, and Scorpio featured all the power struggles associated with that sign.

So, will things calm down with the sun in buoyant Sag? Not likely.

For one thing, we're in for the duration as far as the t-square goes. All we need these days is the moon to be in a cardinal sign (which it is 1/3 of the time) for square to be set off. So the avalanche of change will continue no matter where the sun is.

But we have to remember that Sag has a darker side. It's a great sign for
searching for the truth, but when it thinks it's found it, watch out for dogmatic insistence on the One True Path.

What we're likely to see, in politics and protests, is more entrenched views and high-minded positioning on the issues. OWS may come out of the next month freed from the accusation that it doesn't have specific demands or a direction. But the ideological attacks on the protesters (as a rationale for more physical attacks) is likely to grow. We may also see a resurgence of the Tea Party, and perhaps a new force coming to play in the picture.

The rhetoric will be Sagittarian, but these are Uranian/Plutonian times. We see the action through the Archer's lens this month, but it is those two giants who create the scene.