Gee... 20?

In the wake of the eclipse and an earthquake, the G20 summit is off and running... into trouble. The meeting of the world’s most powerful leaders is beset by violent protests - and in Canada, no less. Imagine if they had held the thing in Greece!


Problems are heating up, as this G20 meeting occurs between the two eclipses. Saturday morning’s lunar eclipse helped “bring to light” the anger and doubt that is simmering. But the upcoming solar eclipse is preceded by Uranus stationing on the World Axis at 0 degrees of Aries. independence and a distrust for authority are all but guaranteed with a picture like that.

Still, I doubt the G20 folks really know what’s going on, and doubt further still that they are in much of position to do anything about it. Sure, Pluto in Capricorn challenges existing institutional structures, but a big part of what we will be learning is that no one is really in charge... as hopeful and scary as that may be.