who's in charge here?

Saturn and Uranus had their last opposition in a series of five yesterday. The oppositions go back to 2008, when the first one occurred on Election Day in the United States. Two news stories seem to sum up the energy, which pits the conservative powers-that-be against upstarts and revolutionaries.

The first is the breaking of the Wikileaks story. Wikileaks has done it again, in Uranus-in-Aries fashion, by publishing secret documents. That truly annoys the powers that be, which in this case is the previously Uranian but in this case Saturnian Obama administration. The documents show the war in Afghanistan is going poorly, that the Pakistanis are playing on both sides, and that many Afghan civilians are being killed. As secrets go, that’s hardly ground-breaking stuff, but it is the stuff that folks on the Saturnian side of the fence don’t want getting out. Transparency isn’t a priority, and they can always yell “National Security!” when someone o close to a truth they don’t want to get out. This round goes to Uranus.

And so does the next. A Utah court overturned the conviction of polygamist Warren Jeffs for marrying (performing the ceremony) a 14 year old girl to her 19 year old cousin (there is no mention in the article I read about whether polygamy was involved). Jeffs is a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, a renegade (Uranian) group. So score one more for Uranus.