a move to the right

This week has seen a great deal of activity, with Jupiter entering Aries on Sunday and meeting up with Uranus on Tuesday. The results have been somewhat clouded by the Mercury-Neptune square on Wednesday, but it does seem like the energy has been leaning towards reversals and rogue groups.

That things have been tending in favor of the right end of the political spectrum does present something of an anomaly to the usually progressive (if revolutionary) Jupiter-Uranus energy. But in Aries, things tend not to be progressive so much as forceful, and the meeting of these two planets is square to Jupiter in traditional Capricorn. And I guess it all depends on what your idea of “progress” is, too.

The usually tolerant Dutch voters have - through a split in the vote - given the far-right a real boost. Everyone, the Dutch included, is kind of shocked that the anti-immigrant party won so many seats. Click here for a story on this.

Women also won a number of primaries in the United States, which might seem quite progressive, but once again, it is the Uranus-in-Aries rogue Tea Party spirit which seems to be infusing things.

The Gaza Flotilla is back in the news, with the story breaking that Israel will allow soda and snack food into the area.

And Helen Thomas, a quirky Uranus-in-Aries character (heck, she was born before the last time Uranus was in Aries), has retired after making inflammatory remarks about Israel. Thomas is approaching her Pluto opposition (which says something, given the 246 year orbit of the planet), but most significantly she was born at the Uranus-Jupiter opposition of 1921, so she really resonates with this aspect. Or, I suppose, we could say she doesn’t resonate well with it at all...

One story referred to Thomas as a “tarnished icon” but most of her colleagues seemed to think she was just a bit weird. She was, however, one of the few reporters to question the invasion of Iraq back in the flag-waving early days of the decade. No wonder Ari Fleischer was quick to lead the call for her to retire.