plowed under

Of the six largest snowstorms in New York City history, two have occurred this year, and three since 2006. A pesky consequence of global warming is that is changes weather patterns in bizarre ways, leading to more snow even as the overall temperature climbs. Oh well.
Interestingly enough, with Mercury retrograde, snowstorms first closed European airports, most notably Heathrow in London, last week, and then their American cousins this week. In the midst of the holiday travel season, the headache has been huge. This echos Mercury's retrograde in the spring, when volcanic ash from Iceland closed airports across Europe.

The picture, by the way, is from last year's storm. I left my camera at my sister's house on Christmas, another Mercury retrograde phenomenon, I guess.

In other news, President Obama apparently called Michael Vick, enthusiastic about Vick getting a second chance in the NFL. Professional sports are always so concerned about the image their athletes - "role models" - provide, that they can be very unforgiving. Vick's role in a dog fighting scheme that killed dogs by electrocution and hanging, among other things, is apparently something the sanctimonious NFL and the President can get past - and in record time. Vick has been rehabilitated quickly enough to come back and be in the playoffs. At least no cannabis was involved... that would have been unforgivable.