Apple is working on a self-driving car...

The technology news this week is that Apple is working on a self-driving car. The computer-phone-watch maker has been expanding its product line a great deal in recent years, but the move into the automotive industry is somewhat striking.

Apple joins Google and Ford - to say nothing of Tesla - in automobile innovation that may change driving in a way that matches the introduction of automatic transmission - or even motorized engines.

That technology is in the news is hardly surprising right now. We're heading into March, 2017's Jupiter-Uranus opposition, always big for technology.

This weekend finds the moon in Aquarius, making it's last aspect to innovative Uranus in Aries. This month's full moon is in Gemini, and is preceded a day earlier by the Sun's trine to Uranus. Even Saturn offers a supportive trine to Uranus on the 24th. And Uranus himself stations to go direct on the 29th - it's a very Uranian month!

"But Mercury is going to go retrograde!" you say?

No worries. That Apple has sent a memo to the federal government about self-driving cars is not exactly introducing a new product, but then again, Apple has a long history of successful product launches with Mercury retrograde, including the Power Mac 6200, the iMac, iBook, iPod (one day after Mercury went direct), iPod Mini, and iMac G5.

So what could go wrong?