Venus in Aries

Early on February 8th, Venus made her way into Aries, the first of the planetary trio of sun, Mercury, and Venus to make her way into the first sign of the zodiac this year.

In Aries, Venus casts a more outgoing, fun, light on our relationships and modes of relating. Less about tradition and decorum, Venus in Aries allows us to try new things - it certainly is a good time to begin many kinds of relationships.

Of course, Aries is all about asserting oneself, while partnership is an "us" project, rather than a "me" endeavor. That's one of the reasons that the Goddess of Love's time in Aries is often consider to be a bit problematic: if we're too focused on what we want, we won't be thinking of the other person. Selfishness can obviously sour a relationship.

But there's more to the "debility" of Venus in Aries. Venus is after all the image of the feminine, and Aries is an assertive sign. According to traditional thinking - of which there is still plenty around - little ladies ain't supposed to be outgoing, assertive, and in control. Heck no, they're supposed to sit around demurely waiting for the man to take the lead.

To tell you the truth, I think both reasons for the debility of Venus in Aries are kinda bunk. I'm not much of a fan of traditional roles based on gender, and I'm happy that we are (slowly) transcending those limitations. Yet I don't think much of the idea that we ought to give up our own wants, needs, and what we need to become all that we can be as individuals in favor of relationship.

Thinking that compromise and sacrifice of our individual needs for the glory of relationship has a long history, but it really got a shot in the arm back in the Neptune-in-Libra days (roughly the 1950s). But other people can't make us happy - they can only share whatever happiness we have.

That can be a hard pill for die-hard romantics to swallow (although Saturn, stationing in Libra, might prescribe exactly that pill). But it is what Venus in Aries is trying to teach us: I can relate to you, but only to the extent I am already myself.

Venus will be in Aries until March 5th, so you have time to think about it.

(the photo is a statue of giant woman at a traffic circle in Ecuador)