do as i say

Okay, so we all know that Mercury is retrograde until tomorrow evening.

Three days before the retrograde might not have been the best time to finally decide to put up a Facebook page and open a Twitter account, but I did. The funny thing about retrogrades is that not only do we experience snafus in the area of life described by the planet, we often feel a real compulsion to do the very things we know we might be better off delaying.

A few clients have asked me about when they can safely go buy new electronics, for example. During Venus retrogrades, we often feel that we want to begin a new relationship. And during Mars retrogrades - well, we want to do a lot of things.

Anyway, it was no surprise when yesterday morning I logged onto my Facebook page and found myself confronted with the setup screen. It wanted me to upload a photo, invite friends, and all the other first steps - steps I had taken a month before.

Later in the day, I just forwarded through all those screens, and eventually got back to my page, just as I had left it the day before. But in the meantime, I decided to take my own advice, and rather than anxiously or angrily dealing with the Mercurial setback, I went to the zoo.