Generation Goth

As Saturn grinds through the last degree of Scorpio, we are collectively engaged in sorting through issues about sex, death, finances, and other Scorpionic matters that have been prominent over the past two years. Wealth discrepancies and sexual crimes, along with the power of the police, are examples.

But one group has had a special time of it with Saturn in the sign of the scorpion. Those who were born with Pluto in Scorpio (late 1983 - 1995) have had to consider the role that their generation will play in the deep changes that are taking place in the world during the era of the Uranus-Pluto square.

While only the earliest members of this generation have begun having their Saturn returns (Saturn was in the sign late 1982 - 1985), Saturn’s passage through Scorpio has put pressure on them to declare where they stand as a generation. It isn’t a matter of personal reckoning - that will have to wait for individual Saturn returns. Rather, this has been a time for the Pluto in Scorpio cohort to determine their direction at the collective level.

Pluto in Scorpios have a deep desire for commitment. Being part of a larger reality, connecting organically to something beyond themselves, is key to this generation. Yet the somewhat goth energy of Pluto in Scorpio pervades the generation. Tattoos are an example of the lifetime commitment this group seeks, although tattoos are also somewhat arbitrary and of the moment. This is the generation that made vampires sexy, in part because becoming a vampire is a lifetimes-long commitment.

With Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio since 2012, the Pluto in Scorpios have been key players in the transformative processes taking place. They fueled the Occupy movements, but also staffed the police forces that brutally broke up peaceful protests. They have been the soldiers and terrorists on every side of every conflict. They have shown their allegiances to high ideals and low dogmas.

To one extent or another, this generation may find that they have been used by the powers that be. Some will find comfort in the idea of being the good soldier, but others will rebel against the machine that has sometimes used them like expendable commodities. And it is not just in literal battles that this generation has been used - for example, they have racked up massive student loan debt with fairly dismal job prospects to help them pay off their loans.

In many ways, Pluto in Scorpios have been asked to commit themselves. Both making the commitment and refusing to do so have their prices. Saturn will be back in Scorpio for the summer of 2015, but this generation will be working on Scorpionic issues for their entire lives. The past two years have been a time when they have consolidated their collective image.