the revolution may not be televised

Despite grave reservations of many people, the U.S. Senate passed a bill this week that will allow the United States military to detain - indefinitely - people suspected of terrorism. Most troubling, it includes American citizens who are captured within the United States. Senator Al Franken has likened the bill to President Roosevelt's wholesale detention of Japanese citizens during the Second World War.

President Obama initially threatened to veto the bill, it is apparent the measure will now be signed into law. Apparently the language of the bill was changed to make it palatable to the President. Of course, because those caught under the bill will not necessarily be tried or even charged, we'll never know how it is actually implemented.

This dark news comes just after the full moon eclipse last week, although the bill was finally debated when the moon was in protective Cancer, and voted on when the moon was in Leo. It also came on the heals of Trickster Mercury moving direct (and so indicating reversals and perhaps subterefuge). But the real astrological forces at work are Pluto and Uranus.

Uranus, in the sign of Aries, represents revolutionary energy. Rogue individuals and groups are common with Uranus in this very individualistic sign, and for sure some of them are dangerous. The problem is that "dangerous" is relative to your perspective. As we see more and more protests in the streets over the next few years, there are going to be charges that those who challenge the status quo are essentially terrorists (and some will be).

Pluto is working to transform government and the power structures of our world. Pluto doesn't sit on one side of an issue or another - although many astrologers are quick to try to clam Pluto's energy for their cause. Pluto actually amps up all sides of an issue, driving both the forces of change and the resistance to it. So, as we get to see Occupy Wall Street and other protests demanding change, we also get to see police officers in military gear (and maybe soon military personnel acting as police) trying to squelch that change.

No one will win. The change that is being created is both deeper and different from that anticipated by any one individual or group. But this week's news certainly scores one for the frightening forces of control and repression.