this is only a test...

Today is a busy day in the skies!

The Taurus moon meets up with Jupiter at 10:20a EST, creating enthusiasm and perhaps a bit of overindulgence (I don't know how much we can overindulge at that hour in North America, but our European friends should have fun!). The moon goes on to make an easy trine to Pluto, suggesting that decisions can be put into action later in the day.

Can be. But probably shouldn't be. Neptune stations to go direct today at 1:54p EST. We feel Neptune stations a day or so on either side, but they are most intense right around the station itself. The feel of Neptunian times is, like the planet itself, somewhat unclear and confusing.

On the upside, Neptune stations can help us to get in touch with other realities. Neptune can open us up to nonmaterial planes, both higher and lower.

At best, we can feel our connection to each other, to all other beings, to nature, and to the Cosmos. To one degree of intensity or another, we can generate compassion and realize our common experiences of love, joy and pain.

But Neptune, particularly when applied to the material world (as the lunar aspects today may tempt us to do), can also create false hope, misplaced faith, and poor judgment. That's why today might be a better day to meditate and dream than to put ideas into action. This week, thus far, has encouraged us to go off half-cocked - much energy saying "Go!" while Neptune has blurred the lines of reality.

It becomes very interesting when we see that
FEMA has chosen to test the Emergency Broadcast System at 2p EST today, just six minutes after Neptune stations. It's harder to imagine a better symbol for Neptune (which can create fear and a sense of hopeless uncertainty) stationing in Aquarius (the sign of mass communication) for the last time (for the last time in about 132 years, anyway).

Maybe the test will go smoothly. After all, the very idea of the test is scary enough. The EBS is a holdover from the Cold War. We all knew that had it been an actual emergency, we were toast. But look for signs that what we are hearing about the test and the system are not quite what is said. I don't want to sound paranoid (another Neptunian trait), but perhaps the real point of the test is to remind us to be afraid.