the (Plutonian) week that was

Since Pluto’s station on Tuesday night, the Plutonian news has been pouring in...
First was the U.S. Appeals Court ruling in favor on Comcast, which said the FCC does not have the power to regulate broadband internet services. Many fear that this threatens Net Neutrality, (click here for a story on this) the principle whereby you have the same access to the Astroblog as you do to any other site. Imagine if “preferred” websites loaded 10x faster than others.

Then, Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell revived Confederate History Month, which USA Today called a “noxious tradition which his predecessors had dropped” (Full USA Today Story). Predictably, the Confederate History Month agenda left out slavery, that oh-so-Confederate institution which is the shame of this country. Pluto was quick to intervene, however, and McDonnell had to admit the omission.

Thai protesters were involved in the bloodiest clashes with the government in 18 years. Although there are very deep ideological differences, and so far a different modus operandi we can see in the Thai protests an echo of our own Tea Party movement. More pirates to come, I am sure.

Not one, but two United States representative were threatened for their views and votes on Health Care Reform. Both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Washington Senator Patty Murray were threatened by yahoos. Murray’s predator threatened to kill her, but we were not told about the nature of the threats to Pelosi. The combination of violent threats with the issue of Health Care reform melds Pluto’s station with Saturn’s retrograde into Virgo.

Unfortunately, we may be seeing more of this type of thing, as we become ever more polarized and angry. The rogue energy of Uranus in Aries suggests individuals and groups acting on their own set of rules. This isn’t the only - and certainly not the best - expression of the Uranian energy, but at the collective level it is hard to manifest things in a very evolved way. And Pluto amps up the intensity, making things worse before they get better.

There were other Plutonian events this week... the tragedy of the West Virginia mine (Pluto rules the underworld) and the Indonesian earthquake. In fact, there was a lot of Plutonian news. Take the time coming into the new moon on the 14th to set your own personal intention for the coming month. Remember to keep your own attitude as positive as possible.