me, i prefer coffee

Back when they got their start last winter, I predicted dim times ahead for the Tea Party.

They launched their project - going on the offensive - with Mars retrograde, after all. Astrological logic says you shouldn’t go on the offensive when the Warrior is retrograde (appearing to go backward in the sky). It’s not that passions don’t run high, but rather that they cannot be properly expressed with Mars backpedalling through the zodiac.

Since then, the Tea Party, led by Sarah Palin (Tina Fey will be busy for years to come) has stayed in the news and appears to be becoming a viable political force in the United States. I find this problematic for a host of reasons, but not least because it could mean I was wrong about something.

True, I have also said that “rogue” groups will be prominent with Uranus (and Jupiter) in Aries, and I have harped on how the “Pirate Mentality” will be strong for a while. The Tea Party looks like a kind of Disney-fied version of what I’ve been talking about, although I am not entirely sure that they are as kookily harmless as they may appear. The Boston Tea Party was the beginning of the American Revolution, after all, so there are fighin’ words in that name.

But it occurred to me recently that their getting their start with Mars retrograde may not have doomed them, after all. The U.S. progressed Mars went retrograde in 2008, and so the Tea Party is in a way in harmony with the nation. More than that, the energy of the Warrior is turned internally when retrograde, which would focus any of the nation’s belligerent tendencies back on itself.

I bring this up now that the NAACP has asked the Tea Party to repudiate racism and the only Democrat endorsed by the party (talk about a token!) has refused to be associated with them.