most ominous

Mars squared Jupiter on Monday, and will aspect Uranus on Friday, making for a dynamic week. With the Warrior in Sagittarius and the two Giants in Pisces, it has been quite a row. The sun is also in Sag, amping up dogmatic beliefs, even as the moon sailed through otherwise-compromizing Libra. Saturn is in that sign, however, and the news has been characteristic of that sober planet.

What am I talking about? Pisces, Sag, Libra. Compassion, beliefs, bargaining. But the planets involved have wrangled some of the worst aspects of these signs together...

The U.S. Congress, famous for bailing out GM and banks "too big to fail" has failed to extend unemployment benefits for hundreds of thousands of Americans - not only dooming them but also hamstringing the economy (because people on unemployment tend to spend money). At the same time, Republicans have threatened to derail all legislation if tax cuts are not extended for the richest Americans.

And while many in the new Congress see repealing the feeble health care laws that were passed as a priority, a new report now estimates that retirees will need about $100,000 to meet uncovered Medicare expenses. And the Congressional committee to reduce the Federal deficit has some dire ideas in stock, including cutting 200,000 federal jobs.

Wikileaks is the real news of the week - both in what it has revealed and in the heat that it is under. Hillary Clinton was preaching openness in Central Asia on Wednesday, while the U.S. government is seeking to prosecute Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder.
You can read the news however you like, and take what you will out of each issue. But what no one can fail to see is that we are going to extremes - holding to dogmatic beliefs and ignoring any call to compromise and common sense. It is as though we would rather sink while waving our flag (whatever flag you want to wave) than swim.

In our more personal lives, we might be feeling more like the victims of the power plays that are taking place so far from us. But we are also faced with a question as we barrel ahead with our personal agendas - Are we living out the courage of our convictions, or holding on to yesterday's reality for dear life?