taking a leak

With Mercury aspecting Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus over the weekend, we would expect all kinds of information to be flying around. The release of more sensitive U.S. information via Wikileaks is a prime example. The huge (Jupiter) number of documents - over 250,000 - leaked (Neptune) has been creating shock (Uranus) waves all around the world.
pipe leak
The documents show that U.S. diplomats are being asked to spy on U.N. officials and that Saudi Arabia put pressure on the U.S. to attack Iran, among other surprising things. The documents are expected to create a public relations nightmare for the United States and many other countries (to a lesser degree). The heat will surely be turned up on Wikileaks itself.

With Mars aspecting Jupiter today, we will be seeing the effects of the release reverberating around the world.

The same principles can apply in our lives. Think of where you have been active - and verbal - in the past few days, and the reactions you have received. Very possibly you've been making plans and announcing your intentions - to mixed results - and are now ready to put them into action.

Today is certainly a day to act, and in fact this entire week is characterized by aspects to Uranus and Jupiter (Mars squares Uranus on Friday), so what we talked about last week we will be more inclined to actually do this week.

Of course, as with the Wikileaks story, there is likely to be a certain amount of blowback for all concerned.