In Praise of Folly...

It's April Fool's Day, but a fool isn't necessarily a one given to tricks (that is a Mercurial version of the word), nor was it originally thought of as one who is a little dull mentally. Rather, a fool (and the related word folly) described one who was uninformed or misinformed, and so acted unwisely and probably a bit rashly.

It's a perfect image for the sun's meeting with Uranus in the early hours of April 2nd, which we'll be feeling all through the first.

As we begin to meet with April's charged cosmic energy, we are all in a sense fools, moving into the unknown with nothing but our assumptions and expectations (like the Tarot's fool with his absurd little sack of valuables), many of which may not survive this tumultuous time. Not knowing is a perfectly valid point of view to take, and those who think they do know may find that the celestial weather leaves them feeling a bit... foolish.

(Tarot images from The Secret Tarot, published by Lo Scarabeo, art by Marco Nizzoli)