Rarin' to go...

You may have noticed over the last few days how... energized, you’ve been feeling. There’s a desire to get projects off the ground and moving forward. Ideas are flowing fast and furious, and you’re ready to go.

Problem is, our enthusiasm isn’t being matched by the world. You put it out there, all right, but it’s hard for the flame to catch.

This is a good example of how retrograde planets work. When a planet is retrograde, we feel its energy intensely, but in a more inner way. That is, we recognize and are moved by the energy of the planet in a more conscious way, but we find it hard to act on that energy.

Mars is slowing down... really slow, in fact... and he’s stopping on Wednesday. Mars rules drive and ambition of all kinds, and assertiveness and even aggression. So, with Mars retrograde - and especially right now before the station - we feel the impulse to go forward very strongly, but getting things moving is somewhat difficult.

The moon is waning, with the new moon on the 15th, and that also slows down the energy. And the sun is in Pisces, the “last” sign of zodiacal calendar. So things should pick up over the next few weeks, as Mars goes direct, the moon begins growing and the sun enters Aries.

President Obama’s “last push” for health care reform is perhaps symptomatic of Mars retrograde. He really wants to get the thing passed, and he feels energized and ready to fight for it. Obama even joked that the fight for health care reform has contributed to his elevated cholesterol, a symbolic “blocking of the arteries” and an impediment to the free flow of blood (which is ruled by Mars, particularly when it is “boiling”).

As for the rest of us, it’s a similar situation. Revved up and rarin’ to go... but too much traffic to really hit the accelerator....