start the revolution without me

While the major planetary aspects this week have not been especially tense (today's Jupiter/Mercury trine is great for focused communication - students should fair well), yesterday's moon in Aries set off the Cardinal Square between Pluto and Uranus.

It's getting to be a weekly occurrence - every time the moon goes into a cardinal sign, we get a bit more of the Cardinal Square delivered to us. Scan the news for stories and see how many you can find. What you'll see is a lot of what I like to call Pirate energy: throw a revolt, start a revolution, demand change at any price.

When Democrats demanded that Anthony Weiner resign his post in the House of Representatives, they must've figured that it was a certainty that another, more proper, Democrat would replace him. After all, his district is 3 - 1 Democratic and hasn't elected a Republican since 1920.

Bad calculation, it turns out, as
a Republican did indeed win the special election.

What we're seeing is anger and frustration at a system(s) we know isn't working. It's likely that many voters in the Brooklyn/Queens area that voted in the Republican don't share much of his political perspective. But details don't matter when the Plutonian/Uranian craving for change kicks in.

The need for change is real, of course. Uranus/Pluto is all about deep, relentless transformation. Yet what really needs to change can't be transformed at the level we are used to dealing with things. We can flip back and forth between the options we can see, and we can throw ourselves against the walls of the box we are trying to climb out of. Really, though, all we are doing is creating the energy that drives the real engines of change, deep below the surface.