As we approach tomorrow morning’s eclipse at 7:30 a.m. EDT, we can see that the world news is already heating up. Remember that this is a lunar eclipse, occurring on a full moon, so things tend to come to light. It is an active time, as opposed to the more powerful but less over solar eclipse we’ll be having in two weeks.

The resignation of General McChrystal is one example of things coming to a head. So is the release of poll number showing President Obama’s popularity at an all-time low. Anger seems to be spewing out of everyone, from the French World Cup team to hotel workers in Toronto.

Speaking of Toronto, the 5.0 magnitude earthquake there - a somewhat uncharacteristic spot for one - comes just in advance of the G20 summit there. Can it be hard to miss the symbolism? The shakiness of the planet’s leadership “system” and the degree of uncertainty we are all feeling is indeed like the tremors of an earthquake.
But I have to comment on the restaurant in Arizona which is serving meat made from real lions as part of a World Cup promotion (they watch soccer in Arizona? It seems so... ethnic...). The restaurant owner pointed out that lions are protected, but not endangered, and said that since Africans eat lion meat, it should be okay for Americans, as well.

Whoo-hooo! The Wild West rides again. With ethical thinking like that, who knows who we’ll be modeling our behavior on next.