going rogue...

So, i finally watched an episode of 24. The show has been on for something like seven years, and I tune in with six episodes left.

Mercury retrograde.


Anyway, two things I noticed... one, Jack has “gone rogue.” This is very Uranus-in-Aries. It’s like the pirate thing, only with principle (see March 31 and April 1 for more on this). And where do you go when you go rogue?

Off the Grid.

Getting off the grid is big stuff these days. The Simpsons went off the grid (the electric grid) yesterday. Pirates are off the grid, of course. And it is where many people will be heading, as Uranus, the planet of revolution (and eccentricities) moves into Aries.

The only question, for many people, will be “what grid were you on?”