have a cuppa?

With the sun/Pluto square on Thursday, the natural prediction was a power struggle, and sure enough, the Senate sent the Health Care bill back to Congress for revisions. Meanwhile, the Tea Party wants to oust Democratic lawmakers who voted for the bill, which seems to suggest that another word for Tea Party is “Republican.” Health care coverage is, of course, a “liberal” issue that was championed by such famous progressives as Kaiser Wilhelm and Richard Nixon.

Buying some wine tonight, I overhear
d a customer in conversation with the liquor store owner. They were lamenting the bill. That insurance companies cannot drop them if they get sick did not impress them, and they seemed to actually feel bad the preexisting conditions would not be quite the same problem they have been. But the customer was most worried about pharmaceutical companies, who he feared would not have enough money for research and development. Such concern was touching...

At any rate, the Tea Party is just skimming the surface of the Plutonian anger which is brewing over this and many other issues. The sun/Pluto square asked the question: Who really has the power? And the answer, on a deep level, is “no one.”

Except Pluto, of course.