can we discuss this rationally?

pitchforks torches mob

Probably not

As the full moon highlights the Aries/Libra axis, we are pushed and pulled between concern for self and other. On one level, that makes for possible relationship tension, as our need to fulfill who we are personally can clash with relationship expectations - that's a theme that has been bubbling around us since Saturn and Uranus took up residence in these signs.

But more generally, the conflict is between the status quo (Saturn in Libra) and the energy of change (Uranus in Aries). Pluto, contributing from Capricorn, is intensifying both sides of the equation. This full moon has not added too much to the soup, but has turned up the heat under the pot.

We can see this in news stories from all over the world, from the
disgraceful trial of Yulia Tymosshenko in the Ukraine to Burma's more hopeful actions of releasing political prisoners (some of them, anyway).

Perhaps most obvious is the growing momentum of the
Occupy Wall Street protests, along with the growing criticism of them. What may have seemed like a few kids "playing Sixties" a few weeks ago now has the support of organized labor and a number of others. But as support has increased, so has the backlash against the protests and the protestors.

For those who have an idealized image of the 1950s and 60s protests, it might seem that it was all about guitars, joints, and problems finding a port-a-potty. Images of fire hoses, billy clubs, and raging anger might not come to mind, but protests are not particularly welcome when they question those in power. Pluto will be gaming both sides, amping up the demonstrator's anger as well as the condemnation.

It is through the debate and even outright fighting that results that real change happens - no one was gonna do anything because a couple of hundred people were camping in a park. Note how the protests didn't even get coverage until the police began acting brutishly -
as in the senseless macing of two young women.

Serious change is serious business.