"i did it all by myself"

Coming out of the new moon, we’ve had a series of nice Venusian aspects which offer the possibility of tempering the strong drive for independence which began around the 8th with a little recognition of the other’s perspective. With so much energy pulling us to go our own way, it is helpful to at least look out the window and wave others as we race past them on our way to wherever it is we feel we need to go.

Still, the “rogue” energy of Uranus-in-Aries is strong. The recent arrest of an American in Afghanistan is a case in point. The Voice of America reports that Gary Faulkner was hunting Osama bin Laden with a handgun, a sword, a dagger, and night vision goggles. Most significantly from an astrological perspective is that the press has dubbed Faulkner the “American Ninja,” suggesting yet another image that we can add to the list of rogues, pirates, and other off-the-grid personalities.

Remember that one difference between going your own way and going rogue is intention. We’re all gonna take matters into our own hands a bit, but there’s a difference between singing “I gotta be me” and deciding to become an assassin. In public matters, expressing oneself is one thing, grabbing your night vision goggles and dagger is another...