Hate Speech

Ann Coulter hates soccer. Or, more precisely, she hates that the United States has a growing interest in the sport. Or so she says.

According to Coulter, soccer is for sissies. But on closer examination of her... argument is too sophisticated a word... it seems like the real problem is that soccer (football to those of you not in the U.S.) is a sport supported by immigrants.

I don’t know if Coulter really hates soccer. Most likely, she’s never thought about it, and is irked that something other than her is getting attention. She’s something of an attention-grabber, and they don’t like competition as a rule.

But that’s not my point. Coulter is known for her vitriolic, thinly-disguised hate speech, which makes her a big draw among a certain faction of ultra-conservatives. She has an opinion on everything, and her opponents are stupid (If Democrats Had Any Brains They’d Be Republicans is the title of one of her books).

Astrologically, Coulter (December 8, 1961, New York City, time unknown) has a strong stellium in Sagittarius than includes the sun, moon, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. The sun and Mars are within a degree of each other, perhaps explaining the fiery anger that Coulter directs at... well, pretty much everyone and everything.

The bright side of Sagittarius, I always like to say, is the search for truth. The dark side is the illusion that its been found and the subsequent need to preach it to everyone. Ann Coulter seems to have chosen to go over to the dark side of the sign. She certainly embodies many of the neutral characteristics of Sag, including a boisterous outgoing personality and a tendency to move on to the next thing quickly.

Coulter’s chart seems to me to give her a unique ability to appeal to the lowest impulses of the populace of the United States. Her sun-Mars conjunction falls in the U.S. first house, about 4 degrees away from an opposition to the volatile U.S. Uranus. Her Mercury falls just behind the ascendant, demonstrating a unique ability to voice the otherwise hidden aspects of the collective psyche.

Jupiter, ruler of just about everything in Coulter’s chart, is conjunct the U.S. south node in Aquarius (her own south node is also in the sign of the water bearer), and so she really manages to exploit the basest aspects of popular sentiment. Her Capricorn Saturn is in partile conjunction with the U.S. Pluto, which would seem to help explain her prominence during the Pluto-in-Capricorn years (although of course she was also supported while Pluto was in Sag), and also her embrace of Plutocratic forces.

Looking at her chart in relation to the U.S. chart, it is easy to see how Ann Coulter makes such an efficient spokesperson for the darker sides of both Sagittarius and Aquarius in the country. She has found the truth, and there is no need for fact-checking, taking perspective, or listening to others. It is difficult to know whether she actually believes herself, but my guess is she does, passionately.