Fishin' for Love

Venus, the planet associated with the Goddess of Love, enters Pisces on January 27th, beginning a three week cruise through the sign of the fish. In Pisces, Venus is more about agape than eros, more about compassion for all beings than fulfilling our personal physical and emotional needs.

Try to take in the big picture with a soft heart. The world offers us a lot of scary information that can make it hard to stay open. Shutting down and coming to quick judgments can be very appealing. Venus in Pisces can help us look at even the most difficult situation and pour some love into it.

Of course, romance isn’t on hold until February 20th, and Venus in Pisces will also color our more personal connections. As with all things Piscean, there can be a tendency to go to extremes - a relationship may seem so important that you are willing to sacrifice everything to make it work, or it may seem so hopeless that you want to walk away. Try to keep at least one objective eye on any situation as you bounce between emotional poles.

She starts on Friday the 30th, with a square to Saturn. This could be a make-or-break time for some partnerships. We try to take in the big picture and see where things are going, but it may be hard to get clarity. That’s especially true because Venus is heading to a meeting with Neptune on February 1st that can push us to the Piscean extremes. Drowning in sorrow or bliss are both possibilities, and while one may be better than the other, remember that you probably don’t want to drown at all.

The only other major aspect that Venus makes in the sign is a sextile to Pluto on February 8th. This aspect can help us to structure our relationships (Pluto is in Capricorn, remember). Power and passion come into our partnerships, but we can also use this energy to fuel charitable projects.

Lunar aspects to Venus throughout the month will also highlight the planet of love. A square on the 14th may add in a little extra tension, once again asking where things are going in the midst of the fun. Problems may be smoothed out a few days later, on the 16th.

Venus in Pisces asks us to open our hearts at all levels. It’s also a time to clear out and let go of old wounds - Venus in Aries is just around the corner, with its springtime energy, after all. It's not a bad time to consider a Relationship Consultation, and while Venus is in the sign you can get a full relationship consultation for $140 - that's a $20 savings.