the week that was on 201st street

I’ve spoken to enough clients and friends to know that our experience here wasn’t exactly typical, but then again the Jupiter-Uranus-Aries energy seems to have been both strong and explosive this week.

My own experience of getting stuck in traffic was a nightmare on Tuesday, as time pressure mounted for me to get where I was going. But then again, I was on Long Island, so no big surprise there.

But what a week for 201st street! We had two deaths on our block (both after long illnesses), and two major traffic accidents. The number of near-misses was pretty high, too, and all seemed to involve people blowing through lights or stop signs. Uranian impulsiveness pushes us to break the rules - even the rules that make sense.

And my nephew’s school bus got hit by a car... necessitating a trip to the hospital for the elementary schoolers...