24 new red hats

In the shadow of the dual station of Venus and Jupiter on Thursday, the Catholic Church has been in the news. That makes sense, as Jupiter rules conventional religions. The Hierophant card in the Tarot, for example, is very Jupiterian (think - the dogmatic, inflexible side of your favorite Sag).

But the church has actually "changed direction" on a Venusian, or should I say, Venereal (they both have roots in the name Venus) issue, in lifting its absolute ban on the use of condoms. Although the Pope has said that condoms don't constitute a real or moral solution to AIDS, the Church can see the use of condoms with respect to the disease. That should be good news in Africa, where both AIDS and the Church are strong.

In an impossibly funny coincidence, the New York Times has published this story today - "24 New Cardinals Get Red Hats"