Hacking Coffers

Neptune backs out of Pisces into Aquarius at 10:54 Eastern time tonight, but he is already casting his shadow before himself (behind himself?).

Neptune has many facets and aspects. He can signal an inspiring, spiritualizing ability to transcend our usual boundaries. When less evolved energies are involved, Neptune can be about deception, illusions, and dissolution. Personified, Neptune can be a saint or a con artist.

Aquarius is also multifaceted. The energy of this sign includes ideals, as well as the groups that embody them, and the mass communication networks that connect us: radio, television, and the internet.

When a planet changes signs, we often see a news event that shows the issues that are going to be part of the planet's trip through the sign. Not necessarily the only issue, but what we might call the flagship issue. Today, we have two stories that have Neptune in Aquarius written all over them.

The first is the report of the largest-ever internet hacking attack.
The Los Angeles Times reports that thousands of companies, organizations, and government agencies were hacked in a coordinated and sustained attack (the hackers not only took data one time, but remained embedded in the sites for as long as five years). The attacks appear to have had support from an Eastern European or East Asian government (fingers are already pointing to China).

Infiltrating the internet is disturbing enough (read the LA Times story and you'll agree), but the other Neptunian story is even more disturbing, as more than 36 million pounds of ground turkey is suspected in a salmonella outbreak. The Associated Press reports that the government can't issue a recall as it isn't sure of the source - not atypical for Neptunian times.

Recent Neptune-in-Aquarius stories included the hyped-up scare over H1N1, swine flu (the story "broke" on a Neptune station). Neptune is indeed associated with viruses and diseases that spread through less-than-obvious means, and of course Aquarius implies distribution through mass means, such as the food supply.

There are even more Neptunian stories... once again, DB Cooper, the aerial thief who disappeared, is in the news. And New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg is giving away money for Aquarian causes - to help keep the state's regents exams in place, and to help minority youth. So, you see, Neptune in Aquarius ain't all bad.