huh. (!)

I don't mind saying I was surprised by yesterday's Supreme Court ruling upholding President Obama's health care act. The generally conservative court upheld most parts of the law, including the "individual mandate," something even staunch supporters of health care reform - like myself - find troubling (the government can force us to buy insurance from private companies without a government option?).

The astrological stew this week has included too many important factors to judge in advance. Especially the powerful Pluto-Uranus square that simultaneously demands change and opposes it. But we also have to come in one level of magnification when we look at this week's rulings on health care and Arizona's law on illegal immigrants, and that's the Neptune-Jupiter square. This aspect tends to favor progressive social changes - although with Saturn stationing within minutes of the exact aspect, it seemed progressive change could be thwarted.

The Jupiter-Neptune square was the opening square of a cycle that began in 2009, as Obama began pushing for healthcare reform. It is no surprise that the first great test of the law comes now.

The ruling was made with the moon void of course in Libra, the sign that Saturn is now visiting. Saturn is stern, and in the sign of the scales, a dour but fair judge is suggested - fair at least in the sense of following the law. The scales of Libra are after all reminiscent of the scales that justice holds.

A ruling coming with the moon void means that the decision had already been made. It was a big deal, but a fair accompl at that point. But as the moon trudged into Scorpio, the sign of power, we began to see active reactions - reactions that will be especially hot with the sun aspecting the real movers and shakers (Uranus and Pluto) today.

As almost one in three Americans are under a heat advisory, it seems even the weather is playing along.

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