the 29th degree...

The news has been very nautical lately.

Or, as an astrologer might put it, the news has been very Neptunian. With Uranus in the last degree of Neptune’s sign (Pisces) and Neptune chugging towards 29 degrees of Uranus’s sign of Aquarius, these two planets are really egging each other on.

We are seeing quite a bit of disruption (Uranus) on the seas (Neptune). Last week’s crash of the Staten Island Ferry was one such incident. And it echoed the 2003 crash of the same ferry boat, when Uranus was back at the degree Neptune now occupies (sort of an attention-getter for that degree).

Of course, the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is another, more potent manifestation. There is disruption (Uranus) of technology (Aquarius) resulting in oil (Neptune/Pisces) spilling into the sea (also Neptune/Pisces).


And Arizona’s controversial immigration law is yet another manifestation. Illegal immigrants are undocumented and unrepresented (Neptune/Pisces) citizens (Aquarius). Like the fish in the Gulf, they have little to say about their fate, while the debate is waged around them.

On a different nautical note, Jessica Watson, a 16 year old Australian girl has completed a 7-month solo voyage around the Earth on a yacht. Now that’s very Neptunian. However, there is some controversy about whether she will get the credit for sailing around the globe, since she took a southern route which may be short of the equatorial 21,600 miles required to get into the books... how very Neptunian.