Coffee Break

As we get deep into the last week in March, we have a bit of a pause before the Aries new moon. First, the moon is void for almost all of Thursday, and then it goes through its balsamic phase in the dreamy sign of Pisces. It's a bit of a replay of the extended Piscean season that we've experienced thanks to all the retrogrades this year. It's a time to pause before we move forward into a very charged April.

Although the new astrological year began at the equinox last week, Sunday's new moon in Aries may signal the more overt sense of beginning. The spring equinox is the 'dawn' of the new year, but just as we may not see the sun at sunrise (for example if you are in a valley, or a city) but have to wait for it to rise above surrounding hills or houses, so we have to wait for the new moon in Aries each year to really get fully moving. The sun, it's true, has already made the change, but our more egoic, earthbound perspective - signified by the moon - has not yet caught up.

Take the next few days - a void moon then a Piscean one - to rest, recharge, and strengthen your resolve. Knowing what you want and need is going to be more important than knowing how to get it in the coming month. In fact, knowing who you are and what you are about is even more important. We'll need to be very flexible with outer circumstances, even as we maintain an inner sense of purpose.

Of course, a few words with an astrologer can be very helpful at times like these...
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