The Quiet Times...

When nothing is happening, it may be a good time to use astrology

We're coming into the new moon this week - typically a quiet time of the month. The four or five days before the new moon and the two or three days after are usually a time of lower energy, and it is just this lower-energy period that offers an almost perfect time for meditation, reflection - and astrology.

It's at the new moon that we slow down enough to process information, and it's also the time when we plant seeds for the future. Think of it - wouldn't you rather be gardening on a cooler, more subdued day than on a day when it's blazing hot, or when there were high winds and rain?

The new moon offers us the opportunity to step back from our lives, to reinvest our energy, or to divest of things that no longer serve us. It's at such a time that an astrological consultation can have the most value, because we are ready to listen, to decide, and to prepare for action.

By contrast, at more active times of the month like the full moon, we may be driven by concerns and feel compelled to get answers and make decisions, but we might not have the patience to really listen and evaluate. I have many good consultations with clients during the time around the full moon, but I notice that it seems easier to listen and accept a broader viewpoint nearer to the new moon.

The moon's void of course is another good opportunity for most types of astrology consultations. When the moon is void, we typically have a bit of a break in the action - even if it nearer to the full moon. This break also allows us to step back a bit and see things without compulsion to find one particular answer. It's a good time for an initial consultation, or to do a transit update for the next six months to a year.

There are some limitations to what can be done with the moon void. It isn't a good time to elect the date for an event, for example, and some types of questions can't be answered. Yet astrology is at it's best when it is giving information and perspective so that you can decide what to do, not giving specific answers.

Whether you get an astrological consultation, meditate, or just spend some time with yourself, try to make the most of the quiet times when - astrologically speaking - less is often more.