be the coyote

This isn’t any kind of endorsement of the Native American Trickster, or anything profound like that. I’m referencing the Warner Bros. cartoon character here.

Sure, we all grew up thinking the coyote was the ultimate schlemmozel, a foil for the speedy Road Runner (and Bugs Bunny, in one cartoon). And it’s true, the coyote had his issues.
But such resilience! Such perseverance! At least three times in each episode, he had his dreams of a delicious dinner cancelled by his fowl nemesis. Yet did he ever give up? Did he ever decide that his dream was impossible? Did his doubt ever stop him from believing that the next ACME product was “the one” that would snag his speedy quarry?

The coyote serves as a model in trying times, as life slaps our dreams around, as we light too-short fuses and go dashing off cliffs in pursuit of something better, as we open flimsy parasols as our only defense against a falling boulder.

Be the coyote.

You could do worse.