Trumped Up?

Donald Trump’s birth chart is illuminated by the December Full Moon

Astrologers have probably had enough of Donald Trump, considering that so many election predictions went awry. Yet it seems that
The Donald is here to stay for some time, and we may have to work with his chart for a while. Many astrologers have examined the chart from many angles, and there are some natal factors that are well known. It is a powerful and complex chart, to be sure...

His ascendant is 29 Leo, rallying the regal (and sometimes arrogant) nature of the sign, especially since the Royal Star, Regulus, is on his ascendant. Mars, just behind the ascendant both energizes him and sometimes gets him to act without full awareness of the consequences.

Significantly for Trump, it is said that Regulus can lead to a fall if one seeks vengeance - he is perhaps best off not pursuing charges against Hillary Clinton, for example, and he should be careful about being too punitive with the press.

All in all, the area around his ascendant is very much in concert with his disposition - the mix of a desire to be popular with the masses yet also above them, and an assertiveness that can be pompous yet strangely appealing to many people. The combination of regality and Martial assertiveness resonates very well with his name, Trump - literally, to ‘succeed over’, a cognate of
triumph. For example, trump cards beat other in a hand.

The star Algol - the Medusa’s Head - is only two degrees off his midheaven, in the tenth house. This is often thought of as the house of career, yet the meaning of the midheaven is the point of destiny, and indicates what we’re known for doing in the world, reputation, and legacy. As with all astrological symbols, the fixed stars can and do operate in many ways. Sometimes, Trump may play the role of the Medusa, freezing opponents in speechless horror - as on
The Apprentice.

Yet sometimes he may also play the role of Perseus (the constellation in which Algol is situated), cutting off the head of the Medusa - I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about that. It’s worth noting though, that Perseus managed the task by looking at the Medusa obliquely in reflection - a very tricky, Gemini sort of strategy.

It is his Sun that is being illuminated at the December full moon, at 22 degrees of Gemini. This moon is a reversal of his own full moon chart, which has the Sun in Gemini and the moon in Sagittarius. The hall of mirrors represented by this reversal is hard to sort out in advance - but it is worthwhile to keep an eye on him this week.

In many ways, this full moon is a harbinger of the series of Saturn transits that Trump will be having to his Sun and moon. Those transits, lasting deep into 2017, were what suggested to many astrologers that he wouldn’t win the election.

They are certainly likely to put some pressure on him - yet we should remember that Saturn makes a hard aspect to his Sun/moon every seven years - he’s used to it by now, although circumstances are different, to be sure.

Perhaps most significantly, Regulus precessed into Virgo a few years ago. With the Royal Star now in the feminine sign of service, royalty ain’t exactly what it used to be. The north node is about to conjoin Regulus a few months after the election. It may be that no matter how regal and powerful he is, Donald Trump may find that the game has changed. His progressed Sun entered Virgo a few months ago - a curious shift after thirty years in Leo.

That leads to a final thought - less astrology and more
about consciousness development. Trump is Modern in his thinking - achievement oriented, materialistic, ready to manipulate truth to suit his needs but also skeptical of unquestioned authority. His base is primarily Traditional - prone to seeing things in the black and white terms of true believers, who already know what is good and true and beautiful.

There’s an inherent conflict between Trump and his supporters. These are two waves of consciousness that are in many senses having their last hurrah, but are gathering together in an attempt to maintain a foothold against the rising waves of
Humanitarian and Integral (and beyond).

We’re at a tipping point, a clash of cultural values that goes far deeper than the political and social issues that represent the underlying structures. Historically, new waves succeed because their time has come. But the transition points are fraught with very real danger.