It’s not that lots of things haven’t been happening in the last week, but I’ve had a sense that waiting until the sun was in Aries was the polite move.

Over the last ten days or so, the collective ice has been melting and things have started moving again. President Obama started pushing for Health Care again just after Mars went direct on the 10th, and the vote is probably going to be today.

As the sun clicked off his last few minutes in Pisces yesterday, the unseen were seen, as Immigration Reform and the 7th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq were protested. Pisces is often about victims, and the Pope’s apologies to victims of sexual abuse were received rather poorly, as might be expected with a Mercury-Pluto square in the sky.

On a more personal level, projects seem to be moving much easier, and a degree of optimism is in the air. That could be the balmy Spring weather, of course...