square pegs

The moon is in buoyant Sagittarius, and we're just past the Winter Solstice (so the light will begin to grow again in the Northern Hemisphere). Plus, Jupiter, the Cosmic Santa, is stationing to move direct on Christmas Day. So is everyone feeling fine?

Not quite. Although it seems that many of us are floating away from the stress in an appropriately Sagittarian bubble of what-me-worry? it's hard not to feel some pressure from the cardinal t-square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. That square is making it hard to chillax for the holiday season, and the intensity of the last six months or so (recently amped up by the eclipses and stations) can keep the pedal to the floor - even if we are only racing around our own minds.

Astrologically, although we are awash in the lighter aspects listed above, the sun is now in Capricorn. His first order of business, on Thursday, was to square Uranus. Luna is racing to meet up with Sol on Saturday, which means that she will be in Capricorn, also triggering the square. Then, on Thursday the 29th, the sun will meet up with Pluto.

The effect of all that is that we have an entire week when not only the moon but the sun is triggering the t-square. Hardly a relaxing time!

The new moon in Capricorn on Saturday is not far from Pluto (although not too close, either), and it is the new moon after the solstice. If we take in that energy passively, it is a time to see the direction things are heading. If we take a more active approach, it is an excellent time to set our intentions for the very active year ahead.

In fact, the entire period from the solstice on Thursday through the Jupiter station on Sunday can be taken as one long period of intention-setting. The tough Scorpio moon earlier last week should have helped us to clear out some emotional baggage, making us lighter as we go forward.

Scan the news, and you'll see that things have hardly been easy over the past few weeks. The intensity of December's cosmic activity has not been brought down to Earth very smoothly. That sounds very much like Pluto's "make it worse so it can get better" strategy.

Not that Pluto is all that invested in it getting better. But we should be. Take these few days to juggle your outward-going active energy with your inward-directed awareness. It's hard to remain in balance - but at least try to decide which you will fall when you get knocked off the log you've been rolling.

(the photo is of a goat in the Ecuadorian Andes, so I'm assuming a mountain goat)