out of the sand trap

With Mars moving up to speed again, we are seeing things start to get moving. You can notice that many things which were put on hold back in late December are now gearing up for action. I’ve been seeing this in the personal lives of many of us, but we can also see it in the news.

For example, the somewhat bizarre Tiger Woods story broke just after Thanksgiving, and after a few weeks (Mars went retrograde on the 23rd of December), Tiger decided to take a hiatus from golf. That hiatu
s last almost exactly as long as the retrograde (Mars went direct last week, on the 10th), as he announced he will be playing in the Masters tournament.

I don’t hold out much hope for President Obama’s health care overhaul, even if they manage to get a bill passed. But what looked like a complete dead stall at the beginning of the year is certainly in action again. The bill was initially ready for a vote just around the time of the compassionate Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on December 20th, but Republicans vowed to delay the bill, and delay they did, while Mars was retrograde.

Then there is the Tea Party Movement, a nondescript group of renegades which got its kick-off while Mars was retrograde - not a good time to launch an aggressive attack on government. But yesterday they were allowed to start collecting signatures to recall a New Jersey Democratic Senator (the national office). The Constitution doesn’t provide for recall of representatives by the people (although the Senate itself can expel a member with a 2/3 vote). My guess is that the recall won’t be allowed to go through - it is a national, not a state issue. But in these Plutonian times, it isn’t a safe bet either way, regardless of Mars retrograde.