Warrior Princesses

Mars and Pallas Athene Meet in Aquarius...

On December 14th, as Mars conjuncted Pallas Athene in Aquarius, it made sense to pay attention to the news for prominent stories about women standing up for themselves, speaking the truth, and breaking down borders.

Mars is of course the Cosmic Warrior, and in the sign of Aquarius he tends to fight for a cause, and often one tending towards the progressive. Not to say that Mars can’t participate in the rigid side of Aquarius - Mars in the sign of the water bearer can be coldly judgmental, with a
zero tolerance policy.

Pallas Athene is the sword-wielding Goddess of Wisdom. Like the Bodhisattva Manjushri, who is flanked by both book and sword, Pallas Athene is ready to enforce the truth. In Aquarius, we might expect to find Pallas Athene helping women to tell the world what’s what.

I was waiting for a story to emerge that exemplified the energy of Mars and Pallas Athene meeting in Aquarius at midweek. The first story to emerge was Janet Yellen’s announcement and press conference about U.S. Federal Reserve rate hikes - certainly Yellen is a strong woman (with an Aquarius moon in the vicinity of the Mars/Pallas conjunction) with a message to share.

Yet my favorite story came from BBC News, and featured
Star Wars star Daisy Ridley. The actress became the producer of a film about a 13 year old Mongolian girl, Aisholpan, who became the first eagle hunter in her family. As described by BBC News, Aisholpan is breaking the tradition of the skill being handed down from father to son. The film is called The Eagle Huntress, an appropriate title to be publicized with Mars and Pallas Athene meeting in Aquarius!