This has been quite a week. We began energized by the moon in Aries. Mars, the Warrior, aspected Neptune, blending Arian energy with Neptunian illusion. Then Neptune stationed on Wednesday, casting a deep fog across everything. On Thursday, Chiron stationed in Pisces, Neptune's home sign. And on Friday, the last aspect before the moon goes void is a square to Neptune.

All week long we have been rolling through Neptunian uncertainty, but we've been driving with our foot heavy on the accelerator rather than the brake, thanks to Mars (as I learned in my Safe Driving course, people actually do tend to drive faster in the fog). Neptune is associated with sacrifice and martyrdom, and Chiron is often referred to as the Wounded Healer.

The news this week was certainly full of confusion, especially on Wednesday, when Neptune stationed. Rick Perry probably drove his presidential campaign off the side of the road by forgetting which three federal agencies he would cut if he were to win the election. The Republican debate on Wednesday night was apparently quiet Neptunian.

Mars/Aries has a sexual energy, and indeed this week has seen a lot of sexual news, although heavily tinged with Neptune/Chiron. Herman Cain's presidential campaign has had a monkey wrench thrown into the work by multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. Cain's self-defense has been anything but clear.

But the most obvious Mars/Neptune/Chiron issue this week has been the charges against Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, who is accused of sexually abusing boys for years (and at the college). Legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno was fired, as was the college president.
Paterno reported the abuse to his boss, but did not call the police. However you feel about Paterno getting fired, Penn State students apparently decided to make him a martyr, and rioted on his behalf. Martyrdom is another Neptunian theme.

Other Neptunian themes in the news this week included the economic markets' dips and recoveries amid new fears about the Euro, both from Greece and Italy (Greece's Prime Minister was also sacrificed this week, after pushing too hard in the wrong direction). Bangkok's floods are the worst in decades, and very Neptunian. The conviction of the leader of a U.S. "kill team" in Afghanistan is yet another Mars/Neptune saga.

We've seen extremes this week. Various victims (Neptune), including those of sexual (Mars) abuse and war (Mars) have had their voices heard, and perhaps some healing (Chiron) will take place. In other stories, we've seen people going off half-cocked, fired up with Martial energy but aiming with Neptunian uncertainty.